Little Garden at Ploen Pirom


Yardlong Bean with their little bamboo house



This is our first garden project at Ploen Pirom, we have an empty space that our team think that we should make use of this space. We also have a restaurant (Ploen Ploen Restaurant) and we’ve been spending a lot on the cost of all the vegetables and also we’ve been spending on time to wash all the pesticide out of this veggies. That’s our first intention to make our own garden!! Organic one without using any chemical pesticides.

We asked our gardener to help us design this bamboo house for this yardlong bean to grow, and this is how it looks like. They’re growing super fast within 2 weeks it grows to this hight already!!



We’re also growing other different types of veggies! Basil … for our famous Thai dish “Pad Krapao”. Watermelon is also growing, corn and many more. Stay tuned to our story of this little garden.

This is a hidden gem for guests who are looking for a place to be close to nature, lake and relaxation from peacfulness. You couldn’t imagine how close we are from Bangkok Airport ( Suvarnabhumi Airport) so no worries about missing the flight at all!! Except you dont want to go back too soon ><

See you soon