Home for the Golden Weavers

Last year when we first started the construction for our hotel “Ploen Pirom” there were a lot of cattail because we are located on a big lake and this type of plant loves growing in this kind of environment. Apart from the cattail we spotted many of little yellow birds flying around, surprizingly we found their nests! We tried to search for their name and we found it “Asian Golden Weaver”. No doubt of how good they are at weaving, look at their nest ^^ so cute


During the construction,sadly some part we have to destroy the cattail which mean the Golden Weavers had to move their home as well. Dont worry, we didn’t destroy their home, we just move the cattail to the other side of the lake, then all these great weavers follow! We first afraid that they would fly away from our lake but luckily they seem to love this lake as much as we do. They start weave their home again, the male one is the yellow one and the female is smaller and has light brown color.


After we open the hotel, we bring back the cattail to grow around the hotel again and that bring back all those little golden weavers to weave their home around our place, you can spot them in front and at the back of our “Ploen Way Cafe”,  and next to the balcony of some villas ^^. To get the pictures of them took me awhile to be that close to them, so if you want to see with your own eyes come and check them out by yourself. They are a little bit shy, so you have be quiet to let them come close to you.



This is a perfect spot for anyone who are looking for a place to relax before an early flight, after a long flight or simply want to be in a peacful environment, close to nature and surprisingly this close to Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport). We are hotel, restaurant and cafe ready to welcome you.