Simple Living, Simple Cafe

Hello there, let’s getting know us a littleee better! I got to say first that I’m not an English native speaker, so there might be some errors in my writing please dont mind me ^^ but the main goal here is to introduce ourself before you book with us or even if you just want to know us more.

When we first start Ploen Pirom, the main purpose is to share our experience to you and also in a business purpose. We opened Ploen Ploen Restaurant almost a decade and we are in love with our place : big lake view, nice breeze, quiet and surrounded by the tree and flowers and still not far from the Suvarnabhumi Airport . It is a definition of the word “Ploen” in Thai means you enjoy doing somthing which we want to share these with you. Moreover, the Airport hotel around Suvarnabhumi Airport, most of them located next to the main road which of course it’s convenient but they don’t have the vibe that we can offer you here at Ploen Pirom that’s why we come up with Ploen Pirom.

For Ploen Way Cafe, the idea came up because around the area you cant really find a good coffee shop, plus I really enjoy baking, and we want to make the guests feel comfortable and enjoy our place as mush as possible, so why not!!! The main purpose is to serve good coffee, and have it together with our homemade bakery. It’s the area where our guests can relaxing, talking, reading, enjoying the beautiful lake view along with enjoying our food and drinks here with an easy and relaxing vibe.



As you see from the topic of this writing “Simple living , Simple Cafe” we are simple cafe where staff are ready to serve you in a friendly environment, to serve you good quality bakery and good coffee from the North of Thailand in a simple menu. And let this cafe remind you how simple life is when you have a cup of nice coffee in your hand and look outside with a greenery view. It’s Simple Happiness.

We hope that this place would be a good resting area for those locals and travelers who wants to be in a peaceful environment before or after a long flight and those who want to escape a chaos world and simply have nice and relaxing moment in their day. Within 15 mins from Suvarnabhumi Airport you can have this vibe for yourself already, so why don’t you try experiencing this vibe by yourself. See you ^^