Peaceful Place where you’ve been looking for…

Ploen Pirom is the perfect place for the one who been yearning for a peaceful place. The place where they can just sit back, breathe and relax.

If you’re looking for a place that is a few step from shopping mall, a few step from 7/11 (we are 10 mins walk to 7/11 ^^) or bars and many restaurants then….We would recommend you to find other hotels in different area.

We are close to Bangkok Airport… just 5 kilometers or around 10 mins drive to Bangkok Airport. When people search for Airport Hotel the next thing comes in their mind is the loud noise from the planes. However, Ploen Pirom are not just a normal Airport Hotel. Guests wouldnt recognized how close they are to the Airport until our driver drive them within a few minutes till they got there. And  what make us special is we got the view like this…

We are a hidden place. Have to admit that some guests find it hard to find us. However, if it’s too easy then you wouldn’t get a chance to see the best view right?

We are located in a residentail area. And quite away from the city like 30-40 mins drive. That’s why it’s so quiet here. However, within 5-10 mins ride you can get to the closest sky train station (Ladkrabang Station).We are very close to the main street butttt with a few turns, so sometimes it can make the driver confused.


When you are here you would find yourself surrounded by nature; the big lake with a big fish swimming around ; variety of trees and flowers moving by the wind ; different types of birds singing. It’s actually very enjoyable to look at if you love being nature. Moreover, you would get the best sunset on your balcony, definitely perfect time to enjoy a little fresh drinks with your partner, family or even enjoy the peaceful moment with yourself. ^^

If you been reading until now you might be a bit scared of where can you eat…no worries we offer the best Thai authentic restaurant, very nice coffee from the North of Thailand, soft drinks, Good selected wine, Ice Cream and homemade bakery as well. We won’t make you starved here.

We understand how tiring it is for you after a long flights to Bangkok, and also how tiring it is after you had spent all the energy enjoying Thailand for a few weeks already. That’s why we want to be the place where you can rest a bit before and after your trip in Thailand. To relax in a nice environment, in a nature, sleep in a nice comfy bed, good shower and just sit on your balcony sip some good drinks and enjoy the sunset. Can you imagine that…?

Come and check it out by yourself ^^